1)BLG WAY2VICTORY is a specialized products/services marketing engaged in sales promotion efforts of the Products of various Companies through its network of highly motivated business Leaders.
2)Any individual can become a Member by purchage of one product.
3)The company does not authorize any Customer to make any undue promises to prospective clients for attracting them to become Customer. If any prospective client finds about any promise made by a Customer trying to recruit him/her, that which are not in    terms and conditions or official Company material, please inform in writing to the company. The company shall conduct a thorough  investigation and appropriate action shall be taken on the offending Customer.
4)The company shall not be responsible for brief non functioning of disruptions in the website due to any technical problems.
5)Customer will have no authority or bind on the company. Customer is not an employee, does not have any other legal representation of the company or its services. Customer agrees to abide by national, state, local laws, rules and regulations.
6)The company would not entertain any kind of refund in regards to the payment paid by a Customer under any circumstances what so ever. In case of eventuality/death of any Customer, Membership shall be terminated.
7)It is understood that you are joining the company after understanding all the terms and conditions at your own will and are not being ruled by any one.
8)The company reserves the right to make changes in the marketing plans, company polices, terms and conditions etc., from time to time without any notice to its Customers.
9)All the Customers are advised to sponsor new Customer in their downline only after their personal Membership is confirmed.
10)No Customer is authorised to collect cash payment on behalf of the company. Any new Customer gives cash to their upliner or respective Customer will do so at their own risk and company will not be responsible for any misappropriation of it.
11)Dedutions will be deducted as per Govt. levies.
12)Customer/member No. & sponsor Customer No. cannot be changed in any circumstances. Name will be changed by paying Rs.500/-to Rs.1,000/-with reqest Letter.
13)All the new Customers/members are requested to discuss and understand the plan clearly from their up-line Customers before time of sponsoring.
14)It is the responsibility of all new prospects to understand the plan thoroughly before becoming a Customer/member of Company.
15)If any Customer misguides any person it will not be the responsibility of the company.
16)Total incentives shown in the plan are based on assumption that each Customer introduce a minimum of two New Customers(Sales).
17)All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Anakapalli only.
18)The company reserves the right to suspend or terminate any Customer if found in anti-company activities without any prayer notice.

             I hereby declared that I am a major and comptent to execute the agreement. I hereby confirm having gone through,read and understood the above terms and conditions. I shall abide by the above mentioned terms and conditions and same is acceptable to me.

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